Silhouette Glasses Frames

Matching their brand statement of “Feel Lite; Show Style”, light structures and trim shapes symbolize the Silhouette Glasses Frames. Silhouette has revolutionized glasses and frames with its special SPX polymer composite and has the distinction of its eyewear sent on NASA missions to outer space.

Silhouette has harmonized successfully design and material to meet the need for lightness and style. The frames are flexible, highly elastic and still stable retaining their shape year after year. A mix of titanium and the special SPX material characterize Silhouette glasses’ long lasting wearing comfort which ensures brand loyalty and repeat customers.

‘No screws, no hinges and no sharp edges’ theme facilitates a flowing minimal design that is almost weightless also. People, who are keen on spontaneous care-free life of leisure, prefer Silhouette glasses that epitomize their lifestyle. You can find the latest Silhouette Titan Dynamics glasses or the Titan Minimal Art Must glasses at the College Street Optical.

Silhouette Eyeglasses Frames

Rimless eyeglasses are hot and happening and Silhouette eyeglasses & frames top the list as the most sought after rimless glasses in today’s optical market. Rimless technology has been rewritten by Silhouette with their titanium model that can be customized to suit just you.

Whether the glasses are prescription eyeglasses on rimless frames or style shades again without frame, they offer maximum vision. Their plastic lenses are of very high quality and offer distortion-free viewing and optimal color and contrast perception. These are handcrafted at Austria and are in high demand across US, Europe and rest of the world.

At College Street Optical, you can check out for style shades with UV- A, -B and -C ray protection and blue light filter and polarization filters too. And the frameless Silhouette optical eyewear can come with progressive lenses or long-sight or short-sight lenses too. Weighing as less than as 5.1 grams, they are the lightest in the market.

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