Maui Jim Eyeglasses frames

Extremely light and elegant Maui Jim Eyewear may be what you are looking for if you want lightweight sunglasses that seem to float before your eyes effortlessly! For wearing on those long hot days, injection molded and perfectly fitting stylish Maui Pure glasses are perfect. Most styles use an oceanic theme and have polarized lenses that block UV rays. Maui Jims eyeglasses specialty is their patented unique PolarizedPlus2® lens technology which provides you with brilliantly colorful and clearer and crisper viewing.

For kids and highly active sports oriented persons, Maui Jim prescription eyeglasses and frames can be perfect. These are polycarbonate lenses that serve best being impact resistant and scratch resistant, ideal for roughing it out too. Maui Jim eyewear use super-thin lenses in some eyeglasses and polycarbonate lenses in some. And in some eyeglasses, both features are fused; and so you get the benefit of both – in styles like in Maui Evolution.

Maui Jim Glasses Frames

Are you looking for some glasses that you can use while driving? Especially if you are driving on foggy days, early mornings or evenings when the light is not so good, you will find that you have the best glasses at Maui Jim. Maui HT is specially made for those times when normally it will look too dark making driving difficult. Maui MT provides more contrast and more color making it safe to drive.

Do you want to look stylish in a warm and subtle looking bronze golden tint frames? Then Maui Jims HCL Bronze styles may be the best frames for you. If you happen to lead a fast paced very active life – like a sports person, Maui Jim has a special pair of glasses for you – Maui Rose – providing a touch of rose tint. And then when the day is bright and sunny, you can get eyeglasses in neutral grey for pleasanter viewing.

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