New Fall Collection 2016

Posted on: September 1, 2016

Sunglasses just add a certain flair to any look, and it does not have to be summer to become fashionable. As demonstrated in the new fall collection 2016, even clothes for the cooler weather can become edgier when accessorized with the right pair of glasses. Of course, much of this pairing up will have to depend on how suitable the style is with your face shape, but for those who simply want to ride the trend on time, here are some styles to watch out for.

The oversized sunglasses


 It seems that women especially have not exhausted the fashionability of oversized sunglasses. They are still everywhere to be found on the new fall collection 2016. While this might be bad news for people with extremely small faces, it seems customary to wear glasses big enough to cover half of your face, so perhaps worrying is senseless. There were simply no small framed glasses found in the new fall collection 2016.

The funky aviators


If you think it is 2004 all over again, you might be right. It’s a more adventurous 2004 as crazier aviators return back to style. You can encounter quite a lot including colored lenses, ombre, those with black frames, and those with more metallic or even bright metallic finishes. While sunglasses of yesteryears were there to frame the face, the glasses of this year just seem to take over the show completely. They just pop.

Psychedelic butterfly frames


Some frames take on the classic look, while others would probably look more in tune with an Alice in Wonderland theme. The butterfly frames take the show when it comes to commanding attention from anyone passing by. Of course, it takes a strong personality (and a strong sense of style) to pull butterfly frames off, as they have very unconventional shapes and they are quite big to boot. However, when pulled off the right way, they can make you look like a supermodel.

Obviously plastic frames


Remember the time jelly bracelets were in fashion? It felt like adults were wearing toys, but for obviously cool reasons. The new fall collection 2016 show that plastic sunglasses frames are in. It might seem at first that you’re wearing your grade school nieces’ glasses, but this slightly retro-yet-futuristic look is very trendy this year. Everyone would give a nod to your new toy shades. The white plastics can make anyone look really cool.

Marbled frames and everything in between    


The frames in this year’s trendy sunglasses are so loud and so out there that the conservative in you might feel like you are attending a masquerade. Get ready to see plenty of marbled finishes, glitters, and even animal prints. Red frames are very trendy but they are actually the most conservative pairs in this year’s fall bunch. Just choose the glasses to your liking, and remember to blend a minimalist but powerful outfit with sunglasses that scream your personality. Wear the glasses with confidence, or only wear glasses you would dare be seen in–for now.

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