Different types of eye damage

Posted on: October 28, 2016

Eye damage can be seriously disabling. Injuries are a common cause of eye damage. If you suffer from an eye injury, get emergency medical attention. Eye damage can also result from long term health conditions, such as glaucoma. Some types of eye damage can be corrected, but not all eye damage is correctable.

Even a small scratch in the cornea (the outer covering of the eyeball) can cause serious damage. This is especially true when bacteria or fungi get into the small abrasion to the eye. If the infection becomes serious enough, blindness or serious damage to one’s vision can result. The damage can set in very quickly, within as little as 24 hours or less. It is important that you immediately get to an emergency room, if you suffer this type of eye injury.

Chemical burns can also cause serious eye damage. In fact, they can cause permanent blindness, if they are not promptly treated. Chemical burns can result from burns from materials that have a high or low PH level. Materials with a high PH are referred to as alkaline, and materials with a low PH are referred to as acids. While acids produce more obvious immediate symptoms, alkaline chemical burns are often more severe. Also, chemical burns to the eye can be caused by seemingly innocent materials, such as the
chemicals used for foam parties.

Serious trauma can also be caused by blunt objects. A foreign object does not have to be sharp to cause damage to the eye. If a blunt object causes injury to the eye, there is often visible bruising and/or swelling. If you suffer blunt trauma to your eye, place an ice pack on it. It is also important to get medical attention immediately.

Some of the most serious eye injuries are caused by a sharp object poking into the eye. This can cause severe internal damage to the internal structures of the eye that can result in blindness. If you suffer this type of eye injury, it is essential to get to an emergency room right away. Do not attempt to remove the object yourself, and do not rub your eye. Doing either of these things could increase the damage done to your eye.

Additionally, one can sustain eye damage from looking at the sun without eye protection for a prolonged period of time. This is particularly common during solar eclipses. However, this injury can happen at any time that one views the sun without eye protection. The damage is particularly severe and often results in blindness if the individual is viewing the sun using a telescope or binoculars without a filter.

In order to prevent eye damage caused by chronic eye conditions, it is important to get regular eye checkups. If a condition with the potential to cause eye damage is found, treatments can help to stop damage in it’s tracks. If it cannot stop the damage altogether, treatment may be able to slow the course of the damage to your eyes.

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