Coloured contact lenses – Pros & Cons

Posted on: October 1, 2016

Coloured contact lenses can be used with little risk to your eyesight. If you have decided to change the way you look by experimenting with different lenses, it is perfectly safe to do so. Proper cleaning, insertion, and extraction are the keys to using coloured contact lenses. Difficulties arise only when certain aftercare protocols are not followed. You also decrease your risk of eye infection and other problems by purchasing your coloured lenses from an optician or a registered and well-credentialed supplier.

Here are some tips on using coloured contact lenses safely.

1. Avoid internal lenses

The internal lens operation was for some time a remarkable little fad. People paid cosmetic surgeons to insert coloured lenses underneath their corneas. It sounds like a simple enough procedure. The trouble is these physicians were, for the most part, not qualified to do the work. A number of shocking horror stories began to surface about botched jobs that led to massive eye infections and near blindness. This is an option you should NOT take if you want to use coloured lenses.

2. Manage your expectations

Coloured contact lenses do not always give off a natural effect. Many of them glow in the dark or contain markings that make your eyes look like those of a cat or a reptile. Indeed, these are quite popular. Many vendors are eager to push them onto unsuspecting buyers, so you must take care that you’re getting the lenses that you want, not those considered to be the most fashionable.

3. Learn proper aftercare

Not all coloured contact lenses come with detailed instructions for aftercare. If you decide to buy a pair, it will be up to you to gather the relevant facts to properly insert and extract, clean and store them. A higher rate of eye infection has been recorded among people who do not follow good aftercare. You will need to speak to your physician or do your own research to learn the right sterile solutions to use and the right way to put in and take out the lenses. Some of the precautions are just common sense. No matter how beautiful you find your coloured contact lenses you should never share them with others. That is a formulation for infection.

4. Purchase from a certified optician

There are a number of commercial shops that are registered to sell coloured contact lenses. Most are not. You should purchase your lenses either from these qualified vendors or from a reputable optician. Your eyesight is one of the most precious things you have. You should not take chances with it. Do the right thing and make your purchase from persons who are qualified to sell such lenses.

5. Enjoy the experience!

The joy you get out of wearing coloured contact lenses need not be dampened by taking the above precautions. Experimenting with different types and colours can be good fun. Once you have found a good place to buy your lenses, you should stick to it. Go to a place that sells a variety of coloured lenses, so you can go back whenever you want additional pairs.

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