Classic or Modern: The Struggle for the right kind of Glasses

Posted on: March 14, 2016

Wearing glasses in today’s time has never been easier and fun. The times of thick, cheap, and sometimes unattractive designs are an artifact of the past, but that doesn’t mean an individual still can’t be tormented by the pair of glasses they confidently chose at the ophthalmologist that they soon unfortunately realized were peculiar to their appearance. Like fashion, glasses have since been treated as an accessory worn by the individual to augment their look. And with a seemingly infinite array of designs, brands, colours, and lenses…the search for the right pair of glasses is almost always laid back while the outcome is guaranteed. Though the aforementioned aspects are exciting and crucial in considering which glasses to take home, there is a pivotal question to consider: metal frames or plastic frames? It might seem like a farcical question, but responding rightfully to it can make all the difference in not just the look of the glasses, but the comfort of wearing them as well.

Glasses Materials

Currently, glasses are constructed of two materials, plastic and metal. Both have their own upsides and downsides that the individual can benefit or become aggravated from. Design and colour aside, these two options must be weighed very carefully before deeming a pair of glasses the right match.

Plastic frames can be stylish and customized to create the perfect pair of glasses. They are economical, costing much less than the metal counterparts and also weighing less as well. A vast majority of people who are prescribed glasses usually opt for the plastic frames as they conceal the thickness of lenses, a feat most wearers can sometimes be ashamed of. Unfortunately, plastic frames are susceptible to many things. One, they can break easily and those who choose plastic frames are strongly advised not to engage in rough play that can potentially damage them in many ways. Two, day-to-day activity as well as sunlight and age can diminish the strength of plastic frames, resulting in unexpected damages that include the fading of colour. Three, an adjustment is a bit complex and can result in discomfort while being worn. With proper care, plastic frames can survive for a great deal of time, requiring only occasional change in lenses.

Metal frames can break just as easy unless they are constructed out of stainless steel or titanium. However they are more expensive but they will last longer in the long run. Plastic frames are not much less these days because of designer licensed but it’s fine. Some plastics are more than metals because of this especially if they are exclusive frames not the regular run of the mill.

While both types of glasses have the potential to suit one’s look, nothing measures up to the comfort and ease of wearing and maintaining them.

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