The History Of Vanni

Meet the world-class eyeware, Vanni. Vanni is an Italian brand of eyewear that is one of the most respected, highest quality eyewear brands in the world. It is also a recognized pioneer in today’s innovative eyewear technology. It has been particularly influential in innovations of constructional technique. These constructional techniques have involved not only the materials used in construction, but also colors and shapes. The Vanni brand is trademarked and continues to be manufactured by Nico. This impressive standing has been in the making for many years.

It all started in the early Twentieth Century. It was in 1929 that Giovanni Vitaloni started an auto parts company in Turin, Italy. It dealt in all manner of parts, the company specialized in rearview mirrors. In 1988 this company formed a new company called Nico, dedicated to the manufacturing of eyewear. In 1990 Nico really began its revolution of the sunglasses industry. During this year it made an incredibly successful tour of Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney to display these new products. In 2004, its name became Nicodesign.

The new generation of the Vitaloni family altered things for the better with the name change. Since that time, Nicodesign has become the face, the very epitome of top-quality sunglasses. The company has introduced over 100 new models. Vanni was one of the brands that came out of this and became the most celebrated. Today Vanni and Derapage remain Nicodesign’s two biggest brand. Nicodesign sells these and other brands in more than 40 locations the world over. But Turin, the city of its original founding in 1929, remains its headquarters and is the site of the only Vanni Showroom in the world.

All of Nicodesign’s products are quality eyewear pieces, but the best of its best is saved for Vanni, its crown jewel. And it continues to garner award after award all over the world. And it deserves all of this praise. Although it could, the company is not satisfied to remain with the status quo. It is still seeking to pioneer new innovations in the eyewear industry. They are the very best at precision soldering, color application (via 3D paining in solid plastic), and surface decoration and treatment in sunglasses manufacture.

But the technicalities of manufacture is only half of it. They are also artists of the highest caliber who take the art of creating eyeglasses extremely serious. The company may be proudest of all of the fact that Vianni is 100% Italian in design and manufacture. Its design team is constantly at work planning future innovations and new designs. And they are really good at it, always have been, as the successful history of Nicodesign shows. All of this design is supported by thorough research in style and technology.

Vanni is widely recognized as a truly extraordinary and unique—something special. In no other place in the world will you get eyewear of such mastery and craftsmanship. Although their high-end products can be pricy, they are always well worth it.

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