Get your Kid’s eyes prepped for back to school!

As we are approaching the back to school period, parents are going to offer their children new binders, newly sharpened pencils, new books but many will ignore an eye examination for their children. Before going back to school, giving your child an eye exam is very important because your kid’s vision may change as they get older. These changes lead to the need for regular examinations to maintain the appropriate vision care for the child to succeed in the classroom.

Any child in school as young as age three should go for an eye examination before their first day. The eye exam is necessary to be done from this early age of lower classes because it helps dictate and treat diseases such as crossed eyes, strabismus, lazy eye or amblyopia. With these conditions the longer it takes to be detected, the higher the chances of permanent damages.

Parents should take their kids for regularly scheduled vision screenings. Some go for testing after a year and some after even six months. If the child is experiencing symptoms of an eye problem, the parent should schedule immediate diagnosis and treatment. Most vision problems can be detected earlier if the child seems to have reading and learning problems.

In many studies done, researchers found that eye problems can also be inherited. Therefore, parents should go back and check family history of any eye health issues. If issues such as crossed eye or nearsightedness were experienced with any preceding generations, parents should share this information with an optician. The information will create the background to the kid’s treatments.

While kids are still on holiday, children should be encouraged to stay spend extended periods away from screens like computers, television or smartphones. Parents should imply the 20/20/20 rule in their homes, whereby after every 20 minutes the child should look away from the screen, look at any object that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

During sports in school, the eyes are always at a high risk of being damaged from injuries. As back to school approaches, parents who have children participating in any sports involving sticks like lacrosse and hockey or any racket sports, should consider having their kids wear any certified protective eyewear.

Throughout the academic year, parents should take note if they notice any symptoms of an eye problem. The earlier the problem is detected, the earlier it will be solved. Some signs are covering one eye to read, frequent headaches, skipping over letters or lines reversal of letter for example d instead of b, eye rubbing and excessive blinking.

The eye is an important body part so even protection from the sun is important. Invest in a sturdy pair of sunglasses for the kids.