Eyewear Trends From Around The World

With Western culture at our finger tips, it’s easy to get caught up in the Hollywood styles of the rich and famous. But we’re here to show you the cutting edge styles from around the world! Give you an a la carte taste if you will of what the trend setters are wearing across the globe.

Our first stop. Tokyo!

When you think of Japanese fashion, the first thing you’ll most likely think of is Shibuya and Harajuku. The Japanese people definitely don’t shy away from accessories that are over the top. Let’s start with their current love of everything 80’s! Super oversized frames and glitter is life right now.

Manga and Anime has been and forever will be a huge influence in Japanese culture. Sampling eyewear that their favourite characters don is a fantastic accessory to their already over the top outfits and personas.

Next stop… Paris,

Paris fashion week. The who’s who of fashion, galavanting around the city showing off the most popular looks. Waiting to be photographed wearing the next big thing. All black, super dark glasses seem to be what the go to look is right now. Adding a little mystery to that super chic outfit.

All aboard… London town!

Walking the streets of London, it’s easy to see the rich history. Not just in the architecture but also in the fashion. With tons of 70’s inspired lenses including the super round small frames you’ll also see tons of women donning more masculine frames.

Last stop. Latin America.

When thinking of Latin culture and fashion, what do you think of? Sexy! With all the sun down south, sunglasses are a necessity. So of course the trendiest will make sure that their eyes are protected while also looking fly. Round frames and bold colours are what you’ll see walking the streets of Buenos Aires and Havana.

So now we just leave it up to you. Are you a Londoner? Parisian? Harajuku? Or are you down for the latin flare?