Contact Lense Care – Stop Those Nasty Habits!

If you do not enjoy wearing eyeglasses, then you need to take some extra time out during the day with regards to caring for your contact lenses. Remember, you will be the one wearing them, so you need to make sure that it performs at its best and does not cause any long term harm to your eyes as it is one of the most important and sensitive parts of your organs.

Sleeping In Your Lenses

First and foremost, DO NOT make the mistake of sleeping in your contact lenses unless it is specifically stated. For the most part, your contact lenses need to be removed before going to bed.

This is because overnight, your eyelids actually provide moisture to your eyes. This moisture helps in cleaning out any bacteria while keeping them smooth. However, if you have your contact lenses on, then it will soak up all the moisture needed by your eyes leaving you with dry eyes in the morning. If this is repeated time and time again, then there is a high possibility of you developing a chronic case of dry eyes.

Not Throwing Out Used Solution

If you use your contact lenses solution once, then make sure to dump it. Do not use it repeatedly as that solution is now considered dirty. It now contains all the dirt and bacteria from the night before. Imagine washing your dishes in dirty water. Now, would you do the same for lenses to
be put on your eyes?

Wearing contact lenses that have not been washed properly will most likely lead to a painful eye infection. Not to mention numerous trips to the hospital or doctor for treating an eye infection is definitely much more costly than buying more solution for your contact lenses.

Over Wearing Lenses

Perhaps the mistake that most people make is over-wearing their contact lenses. It is important to remember that contact lenses have recommendations as to when they should be replaced. It does not matter whether or not you wear it on a daily basis, a weekly basis, or a
monthly basis – they should be replaced when it is time as it may not be working at its best after its stated expiry.

Taking A Shower With Lenses

You have to remove your contact lenses before taking a shower as they collect moisture. You may think that this is good since it will not collect the moisture from your eyes. However, water contains several organisms that could be harmful to eyes. More specifically when you are exposed to it for long. This can lead to discomfort and possibly, even an infection.

Not Washing Hands Before Putting Lenses

It is extremely important to wash your hands each time before putting on your lenses as your hands touch hundreds of objects throughout the day. Some of which contain bacteria that may potentially harm your eyes. For this reason, make it a point to wash your hands thoroughly
before putting on your lenses as to avoid any bacterial transfer to your eyes.